Thursday, August 28, 2014

An Ode to the Ladies XII

Rachel Reilly-Season 12 & Season 13

Love her or hate her, Rachel fought harder than many to win. Or perhaps fought more vocally. It’s probably that she needed to fight harder because she was so vocal. Regardless, she is one of Big Brother’s most infamous contestants. Given that she has won the game she has had success and therefore earns a spot on this list. She certainly wasn't the most subtle player. But she didn't have to be. So often female contestants in particular have the “stay under the radar, please I am not threat strategy.” Or even a behind the scenes manipulator. It was nice to see her exploding that stereotype. Rachel would never buy into the throwing competition crap of season 16. She played to win. She also had a fair bs detector that is overlooked. When she targeted Kristen I think it was a great move. That’s someone who would certainly come after her(though Kristen claimed that she wasn't sure) and was in a showmance that had to be separated.   
The manner in which she targeted Kristen probably wasn't so great though...

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