Tuesday, September 2, 2014

An Ode to the Ladies XV

Diane Henry-Season 5 & All Stars

Let’s not talk about her All Stars game haha. Her original season was quite good. Drew was correct to make the moves he did because Diane was in such a fantastic spot.  She was basically the closest person to everyone in her alliance. Her position in the house was so secure that she was the person that houseguests would nominate as a pawn to ensure that somebody else went home. She was not without enemies. She did not get along with Scott or Jase. But Drew was in a position that he could talk them out of nominating her.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

An Ode to the Ladies XIV

Britney Haynes-Season 12 & Season 14

She was smart, hilarious, and so aware of what was happening in the house that it was terrifying.(Except for that whole Brigade thing )  And if she needed details on what was happening she would make sure to obtain this information by pressing people until she had it. Nobody even faulted her for it. Many of the houseguests did not expect Britney to do well, so when she swooped in and proved she was able to win competitions in her second season it was a surprise. In season 12 she could only be taken down by one of the strongest alliances in Big Brother history. In season 14 it was Dan’s doing, one of the best players in Big Brother history. Her earlier exit here should not be viewed as a sign of the quality of her game. It can only speak to the quality of her competition.

^Oh and her DR sessions are highly appreciated.

Friday, August 29, 2014

An Ode to the Ladies XIII

Alison Irwin-Season 4 & All Stars

This is possibly another victim of a bitter jury. Alison didn’t have much of a chance once she made it to the final 2. But seeing her get there was quite a treat. It seemed like everyone would have been willing to take her once they got towards the end. She’s one of the greats and she played the game hard. In fact, both Alison and Jun of season 4 pioneered the floater method. Alison could do both strategy and competitions.  She maintained alliances with so many members of the house. Some were generally known such as the alliance to get out the exes. Others, like her side alliance with Justin were a secret.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

An Ode to the Ladies XII

Rachel Reilly-Season 12 & Season 13

Love her or hate her, Rachel fought harder than many to win. Or perhaps fought more vocally. It’s probably that she needed to fight harder because she was so vocal. Regardless, she is one of Big Brother’s most infamous contestants. Given that she has won the game she has had success and therefore earns a spot on this list. She certainly wasn't the most subtle player. But she didn't have to be. So often female contestants in particular have the “stay under the radar, please I am not threat strategy.” Or even a behind the scenes manipulator. It was nice to see her exploding that stereotype. Rachel would never buy into the throwing competition crap of season 16. She played to win. She also had a fair bs detector that is overlooked. When she targeted Kristen I think it was a great move. That’s someone who would certainly come after her(though Kristen claimed that she wasn't sure) and was in a showmance that had to be separated.

The manner in which she targeted Kristen probably wasn't so great though...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

An Ode to the Ladies XI

Natalie Martinez-Season 11

While lying about her age seemed pointless, it fit into a general strategy that was useful. Natalie’s goal was to be underestimated by her fellow competitors. She attached herself to people ruling the game. (until a producer shakeup with the coup de tat)When that fell through she proclaimed that she had no true allies. She had the people she was close to, but also went out of her way to ensure that everybody else would potentially have her back as well. Nominating Kevin in order to gain Jordan's trust while hiding the alliance between herself and Kevin was symbolic of her game play. Everyone was a potential path to victory. Nobody truly suspected that she was behind major plotting in the house.

She was more afraid of bugs than the other houseguests

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An Ode to the Ladies X

Lisa Donahue-Season 3

I knew from the start that I wanted to do a write up about Lisa. Danielle is one of my favorite Big Brother contestants of all time. As fans, it seems as if we have come to a consensus that Danielle was robbed of a victory. I still maintain that’s true. But it would be foolish to jump to the conclusion that Lisa was not a good player. Did anyone have a reason to gun for Lisa? She never really gave them one. The main reason to target her was due to Eric. Knowing that, she made sure he did not reenter the house. She is a great example of how to do an under the radar game. Flashy game play is good for viewers, but not always for players. By staying out of the conflict and keeping a level head she got to the finale.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

An Ode to the Ladies IX

Daniele Donato-Season 8 & Season 13

And she’s back in the game, folks. Pity the fool who tries to count Daniele out.  Next on the list is someone who was not afraid to make big game moves. She was definitely better with her dad in the game to balance her out, but there was a world in which she would have done as well without him. I think it’s important to view her second season through the lens of an individual who wanted to prove herself to the fan base. That meant playing the game hard. There are so many players who could only do the competitions and so many who could only rely on strategy without official power. Daniele did both. She knew what had to go down, but not exactly how to go about it. That’s why she needed a close ally. Most would be lucky to have her in a partnership.

And here you can see Dani winning competitions