Sunday, August 24, 2014

An Ode to the Ladies IX

Daniele Donato-Season 8 & Season 13

And she’s back in the game, folks. Pity the fool who tries to count Daniele out.  Next on the list is someone who was not afraid to make big game moves. She was definitely better with her dad in the game to balance her out, but there was a world in which she would have done as well without him. I think it’s important to view her second season through the lens of an individual who wanted to prove herself to the fan base. That meant playing the game hard. There are so many players who could only do the competitions and so many who could only rely on strategy without official power. Daniele did both. She knew what had to go down, but not exactly how to go about it. That’s why she needed a close ally. Most would be lucky to have her in a partnership.

And here you can see Dani winning competitions

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